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Solid Waste Incineration and Hospital Incinerators for medical waste management

Solid Waste Incinerator is a furnace for burning waste, Diesel-fuelled Incinerator with dual-chambered operation makes incineration at temperatures up to 1300°C simple and economical.
As an waste management equipment, and equipped with pollution mitigation equipment such as flue gas filter device. The flue gas discharged meet the requirements of various emission standards.
Description of Solid Waste Incinerator
DF Series Waste Incinerator is a kind of machine that was developed on the basis of Japanese technology.  It is an ideal choice for waste treatment of hospital, Farms,hotels , industries and various areas.

Main Features of Incinerator
(1) Gasified pyrolysis incineration is used for burning many kinds of waste.
(2) Gasified incineration, mixed incineration and burnout treatment ensures low emission standard of dust,doxin etc.
(3) Totally enclosed operation is suitable for treating infectious waste to avoid secondary pollution.
(4) Compact structure and small land occupation.

Pet Incinerator
Dual Chamber Incinerator

Technical Specification

Model DF-30 DF-50 DF-150 DF-300 DF-500
Capacity 20-30kg/time
(3-6 times/d)
(3-6 times/d)
(3-6 times/d)
(L*H*B) m
1.45*0.9*1.75 1.8*1.15*3 2*1.4*3.5 2.2*1.4*3.8 3*2*4.8
Imputing Mouth Width (mm) 480*600 620*800 760*960 900*1100 1080*1280
 Chimney Diameter
280 280 300 400 460
Fan Power 0.25kw 0.25kw 0.37kw 0.55kw  0.55kw
Oil Consumption 4-6kg/h 4-10kg/h 4-10kg/h 7-14kg/h 7-14kg/h
Voltage 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V
Fuel Diesel Oil/ LPG/ Nature Gas

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