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Re-Hardening Water Filter

The fresh water filter is manufactured to remove solid particles and contaminants and to adjust PH value of water to 7.0-8.5 in order to reduce corrosion of pipe, heat exchangers, pressure tanks etc to a minimum.
  • FIL-5
  • Re-hardening water filter
  • 1.0-20.0
  • Easy to install and operate
Re-hardening water filter 

The Rehardening Water Filter is newly designed up to latest technology of fresh water fine  treatment. Entire series Rehardening Water Filter covers capacity 1~25m3/h, and can be running in  parallel for reaching big capacity, and satisfy applications of industry marine and offshore. The unit  can remove solid particles, alga and other foreign without changing tastes, meanwhile the PH value  can be adjusted in middle, which cause no damage to pipe and sanitary system onboard, and inhibits  corrosion occur.
The filter tank is made in Stainless Steel, inner strainer and piping completed prior to delivery. The  filter material is loose supply, and to be filled accordingly after unit positioned onboard. The unit  equipped with safety valve, vent valve, three-way valve etc, which arranged for performing filtering  and back-flushing purpose.

Technical specification
Rehardening Water Filter covers capacity from 1~25m3/h, details as follow:

Model  F75 F150 F300 F500 F750 F2000
Capacity(m3/h) 1 2.5 5 8 10 20
Weight empty(kg) 40 75 100 125 200 800
Tot height(mm) 1120 1120 1570 1790 1830 2420
Tank(mm) 300 450 550 650 800 1100
Tot width(mm) 420 600 700 830 980 1310
The filter material list hereby is to be in reference, normally the filter material to be filled reach  70~80% of tank volume. The filter sand to be filled firstly, then ph adjustment media to be filled  accordingly.

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