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  • SCBA Fire fighting Air Breathing Apparatus must be checked routinely and maintained to keep them in working order at all times. Check the back plate and the shoulder & waist straps and keep these straps and belts fully stretched.Alarm Testing1)Open air cylinder valve2)Line will be pressurized with

  • 1.Donning Instructions1) Hang facemask from neck by the neck strap2) Lift cylinder and backplate facing the wearer and raise it over the head,slide arms through shoulder straps and place back plate on the back with cylinder valve down, then tighten shoulder straps and fasten waist belt.3) Open cylin

  • Fire fighting Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, also known as SCBA.It is a necessary protective gear that is worn by paramedics, firemen, and people working on ships and oil rigs.The breathing apparatus has all necessary equipment fitted into it that will allow the rescue professionals to carry ou

  • Fenders are an integral part of safety system of the ship which reduces the shocks upon the quay or the hull. A wide range or variety of marine fenders is available in the market for different applications. They are not only used for merchant vessels, but also for boats, yachts, and other floating v

  • Anchoring is an important aspect for the vessel,Mooring anchor is used to enable the ship to halt effectively whenever required in the port or harbours and even in the middle of the ocean or the sea.There are many different types mooring anchors in the market.1) Conventional type: This mooring ancho



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