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  • 1. The inflatable life raft is packed in a FRP container/valise which is normally fastened to the rack fitted near ship's side. The painter leading from the valise or container is to be secured on the hydro-static release unit.2.When launching, release the HRU unit and let the liferaft launching fre

  • The EEBD should be stored with suitable protection devices and in easy accessible areas. The maintenance of EEBD is done by shore people or manufacturers only as it has got a shelf life1)Check the indicator needle is in the green zone thus ensuring that no leak has taken place. This should be done m

  • An Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is life saving appliance which is used for escaping an area with hazardous conditions such as fire, smoke, poisonous gases etc. As the name mentions, it is used for quick escape from a situation wherein the individual has to swiftly vacate his immediate su

  • As a main water safety product, Immersion suit is must be prepared on board ,and protect wearer from the low temperature in the ocean.Following is relative Solas regulations.Each person on board the ship must have personal immersion suit. Also, extra immersion suits should be provided for the watchk

  • SOLAS Immersion suit is a body covering suit that is worn specifically for the purpose of remaining afloat and surviving during emergencies in high seas. This suit is therefore also known as a survival suit or a rescue suit. In today's times, an immersion suit is one of the most important necessitie



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