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  • Operating Instructions Of Gravity Type Lifeboat DavitLowering:1) Release the slip hook of lashing line and remove arm stopper.2) Turn out the davit arm by lift up brake lever or by remote control lever from lifeboat inside.3) Release the lifting hooks after lowering the boat. Hoisting1) Hang the sli

  • Maintenance of life jacket 1. Avoid leaving life jackets in direct sun for long periods of time. This can cause deterioration and fading of fabrics. 2. If used in saltwater, rinse the jackets with clean water.3. Rinse off any mud, sand or visible stains. 4. After rinsing, let the jackets drip dry b

  • Correct operational knowledge is required for all machinery on ships to run properly and the Oily Water Separator is no exception. Marine engineers work with different types of Oily Water Separators through their sea career and each type has its own unique features.Equipment specific knowledge is es

  • There are usually two decoupling devices on the boom, one for connecting the rescue boat and the other for connecting the life raft. Responsible crew members should pay attention to their daily maintenance to ensure that they are always available.1). Releasing of the rescue boat when the power is of

  • MaterialImmersion suit are made of waterproof and fireproof buoyant material.Can completely meet IMO standard and SOLAS Regulation .Immersion suit is an important life saving equipment at the sea. CCS and EC approved immersion suit protective performance with buoyancy and high quality materials to i



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