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High pressure Air Compressor For SCBA EEBD Air Refilling

High pressure air compressor is stationary compressor for breathing in diving,firefighting industry. It compresses free air to 30Mpa and removes oil,vapor and other contaminants by filters and is safe and reliable source of pure air.the air quality accords to EN international breathing compressed air quality.

100L High Pressure Air Compressor (15)Air Compressor (8)

High pressure Air Compressor is a portable compressor and is a kind of professional safety protection equipment, widely used in the fields of diving, fire fighting, oil field and etc. The air compressor is small and light, and can be moved by a single man.  The air compressor compresses free air to 30Mpa and removes oil, vapor and other contaminants by filters and separators.

The compressor can also be used to obtain other nonbreathable gases for industrial use suchas:
-Nitrox 40% maxO2


Safety valves
The safety valves are pre-adjusted during assembly of the compressor and preventit being damaged in the event of a malfunction.The max pressure,as a function of the valve,asfollows: 

1st stage safety valve                                          3,5Bar-(50PSI) 
2nd stage safety valve                                         13Bar-(190PSI) 
3rd stage safety valve                                           65Bar-(940PSI) 
4th stage safety or final valve                               225Bar-(3200PSI)/300Bar-(4300PSI)/330Bar-(4700PSI)

Main parts

1 Frame
2 Pressure gauge
3 Hose
4 Refill valve
5 Internal combustion engine
6 Compressor
7 Oil filler cap
8 Air filter
9 Safety mesh
10 Anti-vibration devices
11 Cooling fan
12 Belt
13 Active carbon air filter / molecular sieve
14 Electric motor
15 Fuel tank
16 Internal combustion engine air filter
17 Internal combustion engine exhaust pipe
18 Safety valve
19 Condensate discharge
20 Condensate separator


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