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Fire Fighting Rescue Tools Pneumatic Line Throwing

A pneumatic rope thrower is a device used to launch a lightweight rope over long distances at sea. Rope throwers establish a connection between two points, usually between a ship and the shore, between two ships or for rescue operations.

The lifesaving thrower is a compressed air pipe thrower, mainly used for long-distance throwing of lifelines, lifebuoys or anchor hooks. Used in conjunction with different objects, different functions can be achieved.

Line thrower22

Line thrower Product Specifications

Weight thrower<3.5kg, life buoy<0.6kg
Inflation time <5s
Buoyancy life buoy>78N
Loss of buoyancy after 24 hours <5%
CO2 weight life buoy 17g
Total length of line 120m
Ambient temperature -30--+65 degrees
Throwing distance 80-100m

Line thrower Use the operation process

Line thrower17

Line thrower18

The exact throwing distance of a line thrower depends largely on the weight of the projectile and a given line as well as the pressure and volume of the compressed air. In general, the lighter the line, the farther the line can be deployed.

Strong, lightweight lines made of polyester or Spectra material for applications requiring long conveying distances, such as marine replenishment. This type of rope is also known as a messenger rope and is deployed to pull larger, stronger ropes and cables through bodies of water or geological obstacles.

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